In addition to these, the KVK also participates in some other mandatory work

  1. Agro-ecosystem analysis through PRA:The KVK prepares an updated and detailed PRA before working to improve the socio-economic condition of the targeted village. After preparing the PRA is made, action plan is made.
  2. Training: The KVK provides skill-orientated training in farming and non-farming sectors to farmers, farmwomen, farm labourers, school dropout, rural youth & extension workers.
  3. Demonstration: Front line demonstrations, including crops, vegetables, livestock, CFLDs, fodder production etc. production with organic fertilizers using improved varieties is regularly practiced at the KVK farm and on farmer’s fields.
  4. On-farm testing: For the value addition of newly released technology and the various problems feed by the farmers during the crop production and livestock rearing, on-farm testing is conducted with latest technology to resolve the major problems and the validity of newly released technologies. On-farm testing is conducted on farmer’s field on trial basis problem solving method and it also result in innovation of benefits of new agriculture techniques.
  5. Medicinal plant cultivation: The KVK has identified and propagated the cultivation of 3 medicinal plants in the target area are now well identified as treatment for common ailments and also for its commercial demand by Ayurvedic pharmacies.
  6. Formation of SHGs and FPEs : As the development of farming & non-farming sector is the key to raising BPL families above the poverty line, KVK Ayodhya promotse fisheries, poultry, goat rearing and mushroom. SHGs have also been formed for value-addition and seed production activities at the village level. These include value addition for aonla, mango and cereal crops.
  7. Farmer-scientist interaction: Frequent meetings of farmers and scientists of the KVK are organized on farmer’s fields in order to offer sustainable and affordable solutions to all traditional and seasonal problems faced by the farmers.
  8. Farmers exposure visit: Regular exposure visit of innovative farmers are conducted by the KVK and other regional research station to show and teach them about newly and recently released variety/technology. Farmers also visit the KVK’s demonstration units to know and learn newly and improved farming techniques.
  9. Field days: Field days are organized on farmer’s fields to examine the various FLDs and CFLDs put up there. Farmers and farm women participate and beneficiaries himself/herself explain what he/she did and what results he/she achieved.
  10. Kisan Mela: Annually two Kisan Melas are conducted at the KVK premises during Kharif and Rabi season in which all KVK activities are highlighted and different competitions are organized among participating farmers and prizes are distributed in various disciplines. Government and district line departments also participate in the Kisan Mela of block level,tehsil level and district level.The KVK itself organizes Kisan Mela on its own and also actively participates in the Melas organized at A.N.D.U.A.T University.The KVK also ensures the participation of the farmers in various Melas.
  11. Diagnostic field visit: KVK scientists,along with their team, visit all the target villages during cropping time to evaluate and check farmer’s field performance and give valuable suggestions regarding any problems found by the farmers.
  12. Vegetable and spices production in Aonla and Mango Orchards: To encourage farmers in the optimum usage of available land, demonstrations of intercropping vegetables and spices in aonla, mango and other orchards.